About Me



I did not grow up knowing that there was a word that would describe my gift.  Growing up i was always extremely emotional.  I cried about everything and anything.  There was times i felt it was from my dysfunctional childhood.  As an adult i still cry about everything.  Now i am able to understand things more.  

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The great optimist

For most of my adult life I was told that I am one of the most optimistic person that some of known and yet life was not working out the way I would have liked it to.  I did not realize that at that time i was living in the future for my past was to emotional, and my president was not worth being in.  I was able to change this around by going into my Akashic Records and rewrite many of my stories.  

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Ready to Heal

I know I was.   How I help people is my going into there Akashic Records and release the emotional connection to what is holding them back.  This starts to allow you to create a strong connection to what you desire.

I am ready to Heal