Akashic Records

Souls Imprints

When I first learned about the Akashic Records I was what i felt to be in my lowest moment of my life.  I was just Divorced, I really did not know who i was and where I wanted to be.  All I knew is that where I was is not where I ever wanted to be again.   There is nothing like a major event within in a lifetime to kick in accentions.  

Life has an interesting way of putting us in the right place so we can grow.  Most people are able to work through most of their life contracts within their childhood.  Others work through them in their 20's when they are able to be out on their own.  

For others who have had a traumatic childhood (okay that could be everyone in one form).  We may shut everything off and blame others for what is happening within your world.  I came to the realization that I needed to take responsibility for how I let my childhood affect me.  

How the Akashic Records helps.  I knew I was to emotional connected to what had happened during my childhood.  I work with another Lady who started to release my emotional connection to some of these events.  As the emotion was disconnected I was able to look at the situation as an adult.  

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Souls contract

Souls contract

Lineage soul imprint

Have you ever sat there and looked at your family and wondered how you got there.?  know I have.  i look at all the women in my life and how they are sacrificed their happiness for what they thought was security.   I did the same thing without even realizing it, than I also needed to do that one thing that most of the women I knew as I child I needed to stop sacrificing my happiness for false security.  

Upon this release I have come to understand some other things.  The only single lady i knew was my aunt.  When she was without a man she lived in poverty with her kids.  When my divorced happen and I was a single mother I went right into poverty.  I thought the only way out was a partner.  I now know that it does not need to be that way.

There was many things that I need to clear in order to create the life that I desired. I needed to know that I was worthy of all that I desire.  I started to release what it is that I desired and look to see if I knew someone within my life that had that.  If not I looked within my Akashic Records to see if there was an imprint on my soul.  

If it there was an imprint on my soul I would clear what I knew from this life time by watching all the women within my life.  If that imprint that I desired was not there I would do the clearing to remove the imprint from my childhood then look for someone that did and upload that trait.  

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Family Tree

Family Tree

New Moon Intention

Setting intentions is a great way to help the universe know what you desire within your world.  The night of the new moon is the perfect time to do this, for the new moon brings a wave of new energy that can move us forward in a direction we never thought could happen.  As we learn to write and set our intentions remember to be as specific as possible.  

When we have an intention that is wide open examples would be I want my good, I would like prosperity.  There are so many others.  I choose these to to show you what the universe may need to go through and move for you in order for you to see these within your life.  

Let's take a closer look at I want my good.  Your good could come in many different ways.  Relationship, health, money, career, and the list can go on.  Prosperity can also be an open ended with the universe.  For prosperity goes into our life's in many different ways.  Money, friends, things, and this list can go on.  

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